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A highly directive, curved broadside array and method for its use to measure noise originating in a localized region of a complex extended noise source such as a jet engine. The array is mounted for scanning at a predetermined range distant from the source, and comprises a single row of microphones with a curvature conforming to the wavefronts of the spherical sound waves in the far field. The received signals are preferably summed, with shading if desired for increased side lobe suppresion, and bandpass filtered to extract broadband noise and pure tones. A technique for minimizing the number of microphones is given.

Directive acoustic array for noise source localization
Application Number
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October 20, 1972
Publication Date
December 25, 1973
Tatge Robert B
Radecki Kenneth P
Scott Paul F
General Electric Company
G01s 03/80
G01V 01/00
G01S 03/805
G01S 03/00
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