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A holder having a hollow frame body member with a selected diameter whereby to seat on the top edge of a receptacle such as a garbage can. The holder has an upright portion arranged to lie along a vertical surface of the receptacle adjacent its opening. Some embodiments have an outwardly extending upper portion arranged to seat on the top edge of the receptacle. Also, some forms of the invention have a pair of disconnected ends, and means are provided for receiving the disconnected ends and connecting them together. The body member is arranged to receive an upper portion of the liner up through the hollow center thereof and to have the upper portion of the liner folded over the outside of the body member, whereby upon supporting the body member on a receptacle the upper portion of the liner can be tucked inside the receptacle with the body member of the holder engaging a portion of the liner between it and the receptacle. A method of installing a holder and liner assembly in a receptacle comprises seating the holder on the container top, placing the liner in the receptacle and draping surplus material over the outside of the receptacle, raising the liner and holder high enough to tuck the surplus material inside, and then reseating the assembly.

Holder for flexible receptacle liners
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February 10, 1971
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December 18, 1973
Heitz Charles T
B65d 25/14
B65F 01/06
B65F 01/04
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