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A dual container for two components of a mixed drink, consisting of a main compartment containing a first beverage and a flanged hollow cap normally sealingly covering the main compartment and containing a second beverage to be mixed with the first beverage. The hollow cap has a tearable top wall section provided with a ring-shaped tab. A rigid pointed lever is attached to the underside of the tearable wall section and is rotated downwardly when the tearable top wall section is pulled upwardly by tension exerted on the ring-shaped tab, rupturing the bottom wall of the hollow cap and allowing the second beverage to flow downwardly into the first beverage. The tearing of the top section breaks the cap flange and allows the cap to be removed, whereby the main compartment may then be employed as a drinking cup.

Container for the components of mixed drinks
Application Number
Publication Number
Application Date
March 28, 1972
Publication Date
December 18, 1973
de Lloret Herminia Alvarez Gil
B65d 25/08
B65D 81/32
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