3779234 is referenced by 93 patents and cites 7 patents.

An instrument and method which allows real time examination of internal organs of the body such as the heart comprising a catheter which has a rotating tip in which a number of ultrasonic transducers are mounted and which can be selectively connected to a pulser to transmit a ultrasonic pulse into the body and receive an echo from such pulse and including commutating, indexing and presentation means such that display of the conditions within the body may be obtained.

Ultrasonic catheter with rotating transducers
Application Number
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June 30, 1971
Publication Date
December 18, 1973
Weidner Albert W
Eggleton Reginald C
Interscience Research Institute
A61b 10/00
G01S 15/04
G01S 15/89
G01S 15/00
A61M 25/00
A61B 08/00
A61B 08/12
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