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An automatic bank teller system comprises means for reading out a depositor's code from a card of a user, means operated by the user for selecting the operation of the system between reception and payment of money, means also operated by the user for designating a sum of money to be received or paid, means for memorizing the bank file of depositors' accounts to send out the depositor's account in correspondence to the read-out code from the card, and means for receiving or paying the desired sum of money upon confirmation of the balance as calculated from the output of said memorizing means and the sum of money to be received by or paid to the user of the teller system.

Automatic teller system
Application Number
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October 15, 1971
Publication Date
December 11, 1973
Ueba Akio
Hatanaka Yoshihiro
Kabushiki Kaisha Kokuei Kikai Seisakusho
G06r 07/01
G07F 19/00
G07F 07/12
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