3776579 is referenced by 42 patents and cites 8 patents.

A coupling assembly for interconnecting the adjacent ends of a pair of tubular members and comprising a pair of flange members respectively receiving and fixed to the adjacent ends of the tubular members, a pair of deformable seal rings seated in outwardly open grooves on the flange members, a sleeve telescopically receiving the flange members and bridging the space between the seal rings to engage the seal rings for establishing fluid tight seals between the sleeve and the flange members, a longitudinally split coupler peripherally surrounding the seal ring-engaging sleeve and having radial shoulders that are abuttable with shoulders on the flange members to limit axial movement of the flange members away from each other, and a fastening means for securing the halves of the split coupler circumferentially around the seal ring-engaging sleeve.

Coupling assemblies
Application Number
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March 11, 1971
Publication Date
December 4, 1973
Gale Edwin J
Stanley Aviation Corporation
F16l 27/04
F16L 27/12
F16L 27/113
F16L 27/00
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