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A canister containing an adsorbent material is detachably mounted on a tank truck for delivery of volatile liquids. An inlet to the canister is connected through a vapor recovery hose to the vapor space in a liquid storage tank and an outlet to the canister is connected to the vapor space in a tank on the truck. As the volatile liquid is delivered into the storage tank, air displaced from the storage tank is forced via the vapor recovery hose through the adsorbent and into the delivery tank. Vapors of the liquid are adsorbed in the canister. Pressure relief means are connected to require all air entering or leaving the tank on the truck to pass through the canister.

Vapor recovery system
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June 15, 1972
Publication Date
December 4, 1973
Mitchell Edward
Kramer W Edward
Gulf Research & Development Company
B01d 53/14
B65b 31/06
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B65D 90/30
B65D 90/22
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B67D 05/04
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