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A plurality of rotating disc storage media are precisely positioned with respect to a central movable arm and transducer such that the transducer can be selectively and sequentially positioned to a desired track on a desired disc in the group of discs. A second group of discs, positioned on the same rotators as the first group are contacted by a second arm and transducer. The first transducer can be reading or writing on a disc in the first group while the second transducer is being positioned to a desired track on a desired disc in the second group. Thus the time required to move the transducer is not lost since another transducer is reading or writing simultaneously. This storage is particularly adapted for high packing density optical storage means whereby a very large storage volume can be rapidly accessed on a random basis.

Random access multiple disc optical information storage system
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March 23, 1972
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November 20, 1973
Silverman Daniel
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