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A novel data processing system especially useful at check-out counters is provided that comprises a readout apparatus for sensing a printed code, which is placed on articles of merchandise, e.g. a binary code, which appears as an array of printed lines and spaces. The system includes a camera-type image detecting reader which may be situated at a location remote from the counter on which the merchandise is being conveyed; the camera reader comprises a suitable electronic image scanning device such as a vidicon tube or other image scanning tube which uses similar deflection means. The image scanning reader has a photosensitive area upon which an optical image is focused and functions so that the photosensitive area is scanned with a raster type sweep pattern which rotates continuously to provide electrical sampling of the optical image. Orientation means is incorporated within the reader so that regardless of the orientation of the label with the printed code to be read, the raster type sweep pattern will align itself with the coded strip to provide the desired readout. Each line of the raster represents a potential reading scan in the field into which the printed code to be read is positioned; when the rotation of the raster coincides with an entire traverse of all the bits of the printed code to be read, a readout is registered. The image scanning tube senses the variations in light intensity caused by the image of the coded marks falling on the photosensitive area as the array of marks is scanned by the raster type sweep pattern; these variations produce an electrical signal representative of the printed code. Command signals and logic circuits determine the character of the encoded digits under observation through the reader which, in addition to the image scanning tube, preferably includes a source of illumination whose light projection coincides with the field of view at the label scanning zone.

Printed code scanning system
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March 20, 1972
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November 20, 1973
Berler Robert M
Pitney Bowes Alpex
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