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A data processing system includes a memory in which information is stored in segments and at least one processor unit arranged to co-operate with the memory and provided with at least one so-called capability register arranged to store a segment descriptor which includes information indicative of the base and limit addresses of a particular memory segment and is used in all memory access operations relevant to the particular memory segment and the processor unit includes a program interrupt arrangement having interrupt actuating means which when activated causes the processing of the current program to be suspended and the processing of an interrupt handling program to be commenced. The processor unit is provided with capability register restoration arrangements operative to load at least part of the capability register with a discrete characteristic code and discrete characteristic code detection means arranged to monitor the information content of each capability register as it is used and to activate the interrupt actuating means upon detection of the discrete characteristic code.

Data processing system interrupt arrangements
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January 22, 1973
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November 6, 1973
Cosserat David Cockburn
Williams James Jeffrey Llewelyn
Cotton John Michael
Plessey Handel Und Investments
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