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An exercising machine comprising a foldable elongated base, a platform carried by and movable longitudinally of the base, adjustable springs biasing the platform toward one end of the base, a stop limiting movement of the platform toward the aforementioned one end of the base, a first foot rest carried by the base at the one end thereof, a downwardly foldable frame on the base adjacent the one end thereof, and a second foot rest carried by the frame at a level above the first foot rest and between the first foot rest and the opposite end of the base. Another downwardly foldable frame is carried by the base adjacent this opposite end thereof, this frame carrying exercising implements engageable by the hands or feet of a user on the platform. Certain of these exercising implements comprise stirrups connected by chains to laterally spaced, horizontal arms on the frame, such arms being pivotable about vertical axes between positions wherein they extend laterally inwardly toward each other and positions where they extend laterally outwardly away from each other. One of the exercising implements mentioned includes a transverse rod carried by the frame, a pulley movable laterally along the rod, a chain connected to the pulley and a handle connected to the chain, the rod being carried by an auxiliary frame pivotable between upper and lower positions.

Exercising machine having plural exercising implements thereon
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March 8, 1972
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November 6, 1973
McCarthy Marion S
A63b 21/00
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A63B 21/02
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