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A device for making filament reinforced tubular products in a continuous manner. The device includes a series of filament spools. Filament from the spools is passed through a resin tank and around a fixed mandrel to form the longitudinal strands of the tube. The mandrel has substantially the same internal size and shape of the continuous tube to be produced. The mandrel extends through a plurality of helical filament wrap devices which are designed to apply opposing helically wound strands of filament upon the longitudinal strands. The mandrel extends also through a pair of circumferential filament wrap devices for laying outermost surface circumferential strands in opposite directions with respect to each other and superimposed upon the helical immediately preceding final strands. The several layers of such strands which have been wound on the fixed mandrel are urged into a dielectric curing zone which is also located to receive the terminal end of the mandrel. After the resin matrix has been cured, the finally formed and cured tube is pulled from the mandrel by a pulling unit.A number of embodiments are disclosed for making continuously wound pipe. In another embodiment, the device is mounted on a moving vehicle such as a boat where continuously made pipe is deposited from the moving vehicle. In an additional embodiment of the invention, a rectangular mandrel is employed for wrapping tube-like sections having a somewhat rectangular cross section, capable of being used in the construction of ladder rails and similar structural elements.

Method and apparatus for producing filament reinforced tubular products on a continuous basis
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March 18, 1971
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October 30, 1973
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Goldsworthy William B
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