3768982 is referenced by 79 patents and cites 4 patents.

Heat from an electric heater is transferred conductively through a monolithic support to a catalyst located on the surfaces of the monolithic support. Engine exhaust gases passing through the monolithic support contact the heated catalyst, which assists in converting undesirable components of the exhaust gases into less harmful components. Supplemental air is supplied to the exhaust gases from an annular distributing space located at the converter inlet.

Catalytic converter with electrically preheated catalyst
Application Number
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Application Date
June 22, 1971
Publication Date
October 30, 1973
Schachter Moses
Rhodes Alex
Kitzner Ernest W
Ford Motor Company
F01n 03/14
B01j 09/04
F01N 07/14
F01N 03/20
B01J 35/02
B01J 35/00
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