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A joint construction including a first member having an inclined ramp inwardly of a rounded outer edge, with a flat surface at the upper end of the ramp and a shoulder rearwardly of the flat surface, the second portion of the joint including parallel flanges defining an opening, one of the flanges having a flat surface adjacent the other, the other flange having a thick portion at its inner end to define a narrower portion of the opening, a bendable intermediate portion and a bead at the outer end having a beveled outer surface, a rounded edge and an inner shoulder adapted to lock with the shoulder of the first member when the joint is assembled. An inwardly and rearwardly inclined lip on the deflectable flange helps align the parts. Means for holding the shoulders in a separated condition may be included for permitting release of the joint.

Interlocking joint
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June 3, 1971
Publication Date
October 30, 1973
Hensley Ida F
Hensley Raymond
F16b 05/07
F16B 05/06
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