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A control system for an engine system which utilizes solid oxygen-ion electrolyte oxygen sensing means to generate an electrical signal responsive to the oxygen content of exhaust gases of the engine which in turn is used to control regulating means to vary the character of the exhaust gases issuing from the engine. In a preferred embodiment, the oxygen sensing means is disposed upstream from a catalytic reactor and this establishes means to control the nature of the gases entering such reactor in order to maximize the effect of said reactor. Specifically, the oxygen-ion electrolyte oxygen sensing means may comprise a first and second electrode means connected to the regulating means and spaced by a stabilized solid oxygen sensitive electrolyte, such as zirconia stabilized with calcia, with the first electrode means being in communication with the exhaust gases and the second electrode means being in communication with a reference gas such as atmospheric air.

Control for an engine system
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July 6, 1971
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October 30, 1973
Spielberg David H
Youtsey Karl J
Carnahan Robert D
Universal Oil Products Company
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