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An athletic shoe designed for wear without stockings, which avoids discontinuities where the shoe is tight against the foot, which permits considerable expansion to accommodate a range of widths and arch heights, but which firmly encircles the foot for a tight fit that is desired in athletic shoe wearing. The shoe has soft side walls and a reinforcing overlay on either side, with the bottom of the overlay extending between a point immediately behind the ball of the foot to a point immediately behind the arch, and with the top of the overlay extending forwardly from the bottom and to a locgtion above the soft side walls, the top of the overlay carrying lacing rings so that the tops of the overlays are laced together over the tongue. The rear of the shoe has a padding and liner extending with a forward directional component over the top of the stiff counter. The tongue of the shoe is very wide and long and is greatly skived at its edges.

Soft and securely held shoe
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April 13, 1972
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October 30, 1973
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Nippon Rubber USA
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