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The transfer mechanism finds particular use in transferring coal from the hoppers of a charging-car into coal-carburizing ovens. The mechanism has a chute mounted adjacent to the outlet of the hopper so as to be movable to a discharge position wherein the chute is aligned with the outlet of the hopper and the inlet of the oven; and to a storage position. The chute includes at least two telescoping sections which are movable between retracted and extended conditions. There is provided an actuating mechanism coupled to the chute and operable to move the chute to the discharge position thereof followed by placing the telescoping sections in their extended condition so as to engage in the inlet of the oven; the actuating mechanism is also operable to retract the telescoping sections and then move the chute to its storage position.

Material transfer mechanism
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September 20, 1971
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October 9, 1973
Olah Emmerich I
B66c 17/08
B65D 90/00
B65D 90/58
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C10B 31/04
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