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An inflatable padding for attachment to the interior surface of a helmet, for protecting the head of a participant in a sporting event, such as a football game. The inflatable padding comprises a plurality of inflatable bag-like means or members adapted for positioning about the head of the wearer, with means coupling at least certain of the bag-like members together for transfer of pressurized fluid therebetween, and with a valve means coacting with said bag-like members for enabling insertion of pressurized fluid thereinto, with the valve means including an arrangement for selective substantially simultaneous inflation of some of the members with respect to other of the members. Inflation of the padding while on the head of the wearer, provides for a snug custom-like fit on the helmet with the head of the wearer.

Inflatable padding for football helmet or the like
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December 27, 1971
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October 2, 1973
Dunning Fred R
A42b 03/00
A42B 03/12
A42B 03/04
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