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A cutter head in a glass-cutting machine is rigidly connected to a movable member within a constant-reluctance motor. Current is supplied to the motor to move the member and therefore actuate the cutter head. In a preferred embodiment, the constant-reluctance motor is a direct-current torque motor and the movable member is its rotor. In this embodiment, the cutter is downstream of the location of the axis of the rotor as the cutter scores the glass. Score lines of predetermined depth are obtained, despite small variations in thickness of the glass, and without the use of a pneumatic system that is slow-acting and difficult to maintain. Pressure exerted by the cutter head responds rapidly to changes in the current supplied to the motor, making it possible to vary the depth of the score desired during the making of a pattern cut, which could not be done with pneumatic or spring-loaded means of the prior art.

Glass cutting using a direct-current torque motor
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March 26, 1971
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September 25, 1973
Bier David A
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