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A wastebasket comprising a container has a suspension frame or plate detachably mounted on the outside of the rear wall of the container and provided with a hinged lid therefor. For mounting a bag of plastic foil in the container a plurality of such bags being provided as a storage roll of a continuous bag web from which bags may be torn off along a transverse perforation, there are provided two members located at each one of the rear corners of the container spaced from a plane which is determined by the suspension frame or plate the suspension frame or plate being adapted to bear against a wall surface or other vertical surface to which such suspension frame or plate is connected, in said plane.

Wastebasket having a supply of wastebags
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September 25, 1970
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September 25, 1973
Nilsson Stig Gustav Nils Reinhold
B65d 43/16
B65d 25/16
B65F 01/06
B65F 01/04
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