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Powder coating compositions are disclosed. In general, individual powder coating compositions of this invention are a mixture of several materials. The most significant materials employed in the powder coatings include the following. A copolymer containing epoxy and anhydride crosslinkale, functional groups, forms the most important constituent of the powder coating. This copolymer has a glass transition temperature in the range of 40.degree.C to 90.degree.C and a molecular weight (M.sub.n) in the range from about 3,000 to about 10,000. Another material of an individual composition is a flow control agent which forms at least 0.05 percent by weight of the mixture. The flow control agent is a polymer having a molecular weight (M.sub.n) of at least 1000. Also, the flow control agent has a glass transition temperature at least 50.degree.C lower than the glass transition temperature of the copolymer. Other materials which may be employed in individual powder coating compositions are catalysts, pigments, antistatic agents and plasticizers.

Powdered coating composition of unsaturated glycidyl and anhydride copolymer and a flow control agent
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August 16, 1971
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September 11, 1973
Theodore Ares N
Labana Santokh S
Ford Motor Company
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