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A humidifier to moisten and heat delivered gases from a source such as a respiratory machine. In a preferred form, the humidifier is a disposable assembly unit formed from a thermoplastic material in which the heating means is part of the assembly unit, removable or fixed. The structure of the humidifier further provides an improved handling of the delivered gas for moistening and heating in that gas is delivered through an inlet and tube means to a rebound chamber in a lower portion of the container where the gas is moved upwardly through a dispersion plate for bubbling through a body of water prior to discharge through an outlet.

Humidifier and heater for delivered gases
Application Number
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January 21, 1972
Publication Date
September 4, 1973
Goicoechea George Leandro
Critical Care Systems
F22b 01/28
A61M 16/16
A61M 16/10
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