3756693 is referenced by 328 patents and cites 4 patents.

An electrophoretic display device in which an electrophoretic suspension layer including a dispersion of at least one electrophoretic material in a finely divided powder form suspended in a suspending medium is interposed between a pair of electrodes, at least one of which is transparent. A colored layer of a desired pattern is provided at the transparent electrode. An electric field is imposed between the pair of electrodes so as to change the optical property such as reflective color or luminescent color of the suspension layer by changing the spatial distribution of the electrophoretic material in the suspending medium electrophoretically.

Electrophoretic display device
Application Number
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December 20, 1971
Publication Date
September 4, 1973
Ota Isao
Matsushita Electric Industrial
B01k 05/00
G02f 01/40
G03G 17/04
G03G 17/00
G02F 01/167
G02F 01/01
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