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A potting compound is used to embed delicate or coordinated instruments within a casing to protect them from shock or vibration which would destroy them or derange them. The essential ingredients of the potting compound are dihydroxypolybutadiene, an extender oil, a microfine polypropylene powder, and an organic diisocyanate. The resulting compound is presumed to have an oil-modified polyurethane structure as a matrix enclosing the polypropylene powder as an integrated, dispersed phase. The compound has high adhesion to practically everything used in potting, requires no interlayer, is flexible at -65.degree. F. and is heat resistant for short periods at 260.degree. F.

Potting compound and method of potting
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June 30, 1971
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August 28, 1973
Brady Thomas G
The Bendix Corporation
C08g 51/28
C08g 51/14
C08L 75/14
C08L 75/00
C08K 05/01
C08K 05/00
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C08G 18/69
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