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A disposable headband and filter bag for use by dentists, doctors and the like. The headband is stamped or cut from a single piece of paper or other similar lightweight, inexpensive material and has a base or head-encircling portion which is perforated at one end and which carries a series of buttons, snaps, projections, or other joining means at the other end. At approximately the midpoint of the blank a top strap integrally projects at substantially right angles, and this also has a plurality of apertures or holes. At about the midpoint of the headband, a supporting member or tab is provided which may be either integral with the band or removable. At one end also a similar tab is provided. When folded or bent, the end with the button or other joining means is brought into engagement with the end with the apertures, and the buttons or joining means engage the apertures, with the presence of the plurality of apertures making it possible to adjust for various head sizes. Similarly, the top strap is connected to the button and is also adjustable. A filter bag is provided and may be secured by strips of elastic or similar material which engage tabs on the filter and the aforementioned tabs on the headband itself.

Disposable headband and filter
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November 8, 1971
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August 14, 1973
Malmin Oscar
A61m 16/00
A41D 13/11
A41D 13/05
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