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Armored tools and production thereof comprising a structural base member composed of a base metal, having at least a surface portion embodying a tough, wear-resistant and abrasive, armoring coating produced in situ from abrasive particles of hard, high melting material selected from the group consisting of metal carbides, borides, nitrides, silicides and mixtures thereof, individually precoated with a fluxing agent and with particles of a lower melting brazing metal, said brazing metal particles precoated on said abrasive particles, respectively, being fusion bonded to each other to their respective abrasive particles and to said base metal thereat in weldments individual to said abrasive particles, and partially embedding and anchoring said abrasive particles therein, respectively, with said abrasive particles projecting beyond said embedding matrix metal weldments to form a multiplicity of sharp cutting edges.

Armored metal tools and production thereof
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March 8, 1971
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August 7, 1973
Dawson Chester H
Remington Arms Company
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C23C 24/10
C23C 24/00
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