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The apparatus is for testing the human body in a variety of positions, ranging from the vertical to the supine, while exercising on an ergometer; and can also be used for angular positioning of other biomedical devices. It includes a floor plate and a hinged plate upon which to fix the ergometer, a back rest and a head rest attached at right angles to said hinged plate and behind the seat of the ergometer, dual hydraulic cylinders for raising and lowering the hinged plate through 90.degree. by means of a self contained hydraulic system, with valve means for control and positive stops on the apparatus to prevent over travel. Tests can be made with the subject positioned on the seat of the ergometer, through the various angles, with a substantially normal body attitude relative to said seat and ergometer.

Tilting table for ergometer and for other biomedical devices
Application Number
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May 8, 1972
Publication Date
August 7, 1973
Spier Raymond A
Gause Raymond L
G01l 05/02
A61B 05/22
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