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A degasser comprises vertically disposed inlet and outlet tubes, which are aligned with each other and which have their adjacent ends spaced apart to define a gap. An annular chamber surrounds the adjacent ends of the tubes so as to contain this gap. The inlet tube, which is beneath the outlet tube, contains a plurality of inverted conical filters, the periphery of the uppermost filter being secured around the periphery of the lower end of the outlet tube. As a liquid containing bubbles enters the inlet tube of the degasser, the liquid passes through the filters to the outlet tube, but the bubbles are deflected radially outwardly and upwardly by the undersides of the filters, and enter the chamber via the gap.

Application Number
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April 7, 1972
Publication Date
July 24, 1973
Frayssinoux Roland
Compteurs Schlumberger
B01d 19/00
B01D 19/00
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