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The invention refers to a wicket bag dispensing unit and consists of a vertical wall and a gate or aperture therethrough and which is integral with or otherwise secured to a base, the wall and the base combining to form a wicket bag stacking section on one side of the wall and a wicket bag opening and filling section on the other side of the wall. Wicket bag stacking means are secured to the vertical wall facing the bag stacking section, and wicket bag opening and expanding means are secured to the vertical wall facing the bag opening and filling section. The front wall of the foremost wicket bag, which has its rear wall vertically suspended from the bag stacking means, is pulled through the gate of the vertical wall and is engaged with the bag opening and expanding means, whereby the mouth of the bag, formed by the open ends of its front and rear wall, is expanded and maintained in its expanded condition until the bag is filled with the required items; the bag is then detached from the bag opening and expanding means and the bag stacking means, and carried away.

Bag dispensing unit and the method of opening and removing the bags therefrom
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November 17, 1971
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July 24, 1973
Lieberman Abraham Buddy
B65b 67/12
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B65B 67/00
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