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Combination directional couplers and splitters for extracting controlled fractions of signal power, for use in CATV or similar signal distribution systems and having improved operating characteristics are obtained by the incorporation of pi-section high-pass filters into such integrated devices. Conventional directional taps are modified by the addition of inductances and capacitances so that the required pi-section high-pass filters are formed, with one inductive element of such a filter being constituted by an inductive deviation, specifically a leakage inductance of an existing component of such a device. Improved radio frequency signal return losses and isolation are provided over a much greater frequency range than was heretofore possible while permitting effective distribution of signal power to a plurality of tap lines.

Directional tap comprising pi-section high pass filter for use in catv system
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April 22, 1971
Publication Date
July 17, 1973
Pennypacker Frank C
Lindsay Specialty Products
H01p 05/14
H04N 07/10
H03H 07/48
H03H 07/00
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