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Rigidifiable and collapsible support structures are utilized as orthopedic casts and slings, litters, and stretchers, cervical collars and related devices, with two conditions or modes of operation, a collapsed condition in which they are easily molded and formed to conform to the contours of the human body or other object to be supported or enclosed, and a rigidified condition in which they are stiffly and rigidly maintained in their molded shape over long periods of time to provide the desired supporting function. Large numbers of extremely lightweight foamed or hollow bodies of polymer material, are enclosed in flexible sealed enclosures formed of resilient stretchable plastic film, capable of being evacuated to low internal pressures relative to the surrounding atmospheric pressure, and foraminous distributor units serve to retain the lightweight polymer filler particles within the enclosure while permitting the withdrawal of gas therefrom to evacuate the enclosure, permitting atmospheric pressure to compress the entire unit and retain it rigidly in the molded position desired.

Vacuum formed support structures and immobilizer devices
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January 6, 1971
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July 17, 1973
Rose Frank L
Bio Medical Systems
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A61F 05/04
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