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An apparatus for producing a record of systolic and diastolic blood pressure for one or more individuals whereby an inflatable blood pressure cuff is conventionally placed on a part of the body such that inflation of the cuff constricts blood flow and causes the Korotkoff sounds to appear at roughly the diastolic pressure and disappear at roughly the systolic pressure and inflated under the control of an electrical impedance detector which, for example, may be placed on one or two digits and which detects the pulsating impedance which continues until a pressure is reached which is beyond the systolic pressure and at this pressure the cuff is automatically deflated. A transducer such as a microphone is placed, for example, under the cuff to detect the Korotkoff sounds and produce a pulse train as long as these sounds are detected. This Korotkoff signal is recorded on a conventional graphic recorder together with a signal generated, for example, by a strain gauge which indicates the cuff pressure such that the systolic and diastolic pressures both during inflation and deflation can be ascertained from the beginning and end of the pulse train superimposed on the recorded cuff pressure signal. This device can be used with one cuff transducer or simultaneously with a plurality of cuffs and transducers to simultaneously produce on different channels of a graphic recorder a record of the systolic and diastolic blood pressures of a number of different individuals.

Automatic device for recording blood pressure
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November 16, 1971
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July 10, 1973
Fernandez Heriberto S
A61b 05/02
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A61B 05/22
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