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The apparatus of the invention is capable of injecting gas in the form of small discrete bubbles into a mass of molten metal. The apparatus comprises a rotatable shaft coupled to drive means at its upper end and a vaned rotor at its lower end. Gas under sufficient pressure to be injected into the melt is fed into a passageway extending axially through the device whereby upon rotation of the rotor the gas is injected into the molten metal and subdivided into discrete gas bubbles. The process of the invention utilizes the above described gas injection apparatus for refining molten aluminum by introducing an inert gas into the metal beneath the surface of the melt.

Apparatus for refining molten aluminum
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December 27, 1971
Publication Date
July 3, 1973
Szekely Andrew Geza
Union Carbide Corporation
C22b 21/06
C22B 09/00
B01F 03/04
C22B 21/06
C22B 21/00
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