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A new and improved method of producing hydrocarbons from a subterranean oil shale formation containing heat-sensitive carbonates comprising penetrating said formation with at least one well and forming a cavern therein so that communication is established between the surface and the cavern; circulating a hot fluid preferably in the upper region of the cavern to effect decomposition of the carbonates to carbon dioxide thereby causing pressure build-up resulting in fracturing and/or rubbling and enlarging the cavern upward to a desired dimension; terminating this process by injecting, preferably simultaneously, into the upper region of the cavern a cooling fluid and into the rubblized zone of the oil shale a kerogen pyrolyzing fluid to effect hydrocarbon recovery.

Method of producing hydrocarbons from oil shale formations
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April 28, 1971
Publication Date
June 26, 1973
Ueber Russel C
Papadopoulos Michael N
Shell Oil Company
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