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A precision high-speed, low impedance switching circuit is disclosed which is suitable for use with video or other high frequency analog signals. A J-FET is used as the switching element but is controlled by means of a novel circuit which minimizes channel impedance modulation effects. The gate of the J-FET is connected to the output of a control transistor, the input of the control transistor being connected to the input signal, thereby allowing the effective parasitic input capacity at the gate of the J-FET switch to be charged and discharged in accordance with the fluctuations of the input signal.

Precision switching circuit for analog signals
Application Number
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March 8, 1972
Publication Date
June 19, 1973
Pfiffner Harold J
Hughes Aircraft Company
H03k 17/60
H03K 17/567
H03K 17/687
H03K 17/56
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