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Polyhydroxyacetic ester, also called polyglycolic acid (PGA), has surgically useful mechanical properties as a solid prosthesis, such as reinforcing pins, screws, plates, or thin sheets. On implantation, in living mammalian tissue, the polyglycolic acid is absorbed, and replaced by living tissue. The polyglycolic acid as a gauze, felt or velour protects a wound surface, such as a burn, traumatic injury, or surgical incision, and may be left at least partially embedded, as in a scab, with the part below the healed tissue surface being absorbed, and that above the tissue surface dropping off with the scab, or be completely embedded.

Polyglycolic acid prosthetic devices
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June 28, 1971
Publication Date
June 19, 1973
Polistina Rocco Albert
Schmitt Edard Emil
American Cyanamid Company
A61f 05/04
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A61F 13/15
A61F 13/20
C08G 63/08
C08G 63/00
D01F 06/62
A61B 17/03
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A61B 17/11
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