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An improved apparatus for shredding, shifting and aerating organic wastes, refuse and other material that includes an endless web carrying a plurality of outwardly projecting elements which is moved in an upwardly and forwardly extending orbital path as the working face of the web engages the material and also includes a rotatable drum having outwardly extending elements that is positioned forwardly of the web near the lower portion of the orbital path. The plane of the web is adjustable relative to both the longitudinal and vertical axis of the chassis and the drum is vertically adjustable in a direction generally parallel to the plane of the upwardly moving web. In the preferred embodiment, the web and drum are supported from a self-propelled chassis.

Compost and refuse shredding and shifting apparatus
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March 22, 1971
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May 15, 1973
Cobey Herbert T
B02c 19/00
C05F 17/02
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B03B 09/00
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