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A switching arrangement for a motor control system for a small appliance such as a blender is provided which includes a housing and a plurality of longitudinally movable, push button-operated switch actuators located therein. Each actuator carries a switch contact which, together with a corresponding set of contacts associated with the housing, forms a control switch. The actuators are adapted to cooperate with a plurality of laterally displaceable blocks to provide positive lock-out of the other actuators when one actuator is depressed unless a further actuator is positively actuated. The control switches operated by the actuators control the energization of the stator windings associated with the motor and a contact located on one of the blocks together with a housing-mounted contact forms a range switch for controlling the connection of a diode into the motor control circuit. The provision of two taps on one stator winding enables a system of eight actuator-operated control switches and the range switch to provide seven motor speeds as well as disconnection of the motor.

Low cost switching arrangement for appliance motor speed control
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May 21, 1971
Publication Date
May 8, 1973
Cairelli Carmen P
McGill Manufacturing Company
H01h 09/26
H01H 13/72
H01H 13/70
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