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A compact portable tire servicing device comprises a base having ground engaging wheels upon which is supported a tank and a motor driven pump. A supply conduit is connected to the tank and is connectible to a reservoir which is adapted to contain a supply of calcium chloride solution. The liquid calcium chloride solution is pumped from the tank through an outlet conduit and is returned to the tank by return conduit. A control valve is interposed in flow controlling relation with respect to a filler conduit and the return conduit thus permitting the liquid to be supplied to the tire and to be evacuated therefrom. The tank is compartmented and the pump is positioned below the tank and below the connection of the return conduit to the tank so that the system is self-priming and the pump is flooded continuously.

Compact portable tire servicing device
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March 22, 1971
Publication Date
April 24, 1973
Bayerkohler Weldon S
B65b 31/00
B60C 29/00
B60C 29/06
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