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An automatic reminder dispensing memoranda at preselected intervals comprising a constant-speed, substantially-horizontally-rotating drum, said rotating drum being of cylindrical shape and having an outer cylindrical wall and an inner cylindrical wall, the space between said walls being divided by spaced axial walls defining memoranda receiving pockets, a stationary bottom having an opening therein of at least the distance between said cylindrical walls and in cooperation with said spaced axial walls, said rotating drum being spaced slightly from said stationary bottom, means for rotating said drum at constant speed, memoranda means inserted in said memoranda receiving pockets, means in cooperation with said opening in said stationary bottom to deliver said memoranda means at preselected intervals and a signal means in association with said means to deliver said memoranda means.

Memorandum dispensing device at preselected intervals
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August 16, 1971
Publication Date
April 17, 1973
DiEranco Jack E
B65h 29/34
B65H 29/26
B65H 29/34
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