3727431 is referenced by 27 patents and cites 6 patents.

A coupling for transmitting power in a transmission or the like, and having an inner and outer member concentrically located together and furthermore having a flexible material such as rubber bonded between and connecting the inner and outer members. The flexible material forms a torsional connecting member which can act in shear to absorb torsional fluctuations between the two members and transmit normal driving torque between the members. In addition to the flexible material connecting the two members, interengagable means are provided between the two members which can form a mechanical drive in the event that the torque between the members exceeds a predetermined amount. Normally, the mechanical connection is not engaged but comes into play only when the rubber material deflects in shear beyond a predetermined amount due to excessive torque between the members.

Flexible torsional coupling
Application Number
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October 12, 1971
Publication Date
April 17, 1973
Yokel Edward C
Twin Disc Incorporated
B16d 03/10
F16D 03/50
F16D 03/76
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