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The flaps of a stack of plastic bags are clamped by a releasable clamp below the exhaust nozzle of the blower of a packing device, in such position that the airflow blows the top of the outermost bag open away from the stack; above the bag is a feed chute or guide adjustably mounted on the top of the blower, having a pivoted half on a transverse pivot so that it may swing outwardly away from the blower; skirt flanges extending from the lower edge of this pivoted half project into the opened bag so as to keep it open when the pivoted half is swung outwardly by the package or item to be packed; on each side of the pivoted half is a hinged flap swingable outwardly to hold the sides of the bag open when a wider package or article is dropped through the feeding guide; the pivoted half is sufficiently wide to extend substantially beyond the sides of the stationary half of the guide.

Bag filling device
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November 10, 1971
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April 17, 1973
Williams Donald S
B65b 43/36
B65B 67/00
B65B 43/36
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B65B 43/26
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