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The invention relates to a new apertured panel display hook and to a method of manufacturing the hook. The new hook is characterized particularly by the construction of its principal components, a base member and a hook member, and the manner in which these two components are secured together. The base member is stamped and formed of sheet or strip metal stock to provide a cylindrical walled opening. The base member is given a surfaCe plating treatment subsequent to its formation but prior to assembly with the hook member. The hook member is formed of pre-plated wire stock, which is cut to length, shouldered and headed, and then inserted into the walled opening of the base member. The base and hook members are then locked together by mechanical deformation of one or both parts.The new constructional technique enables extra ordinary reductions in manufacturing cost to be realized while, at the same time, providing an end product which is actually far superior to the conventional product.

Apertured panel hook and method for manufacture
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August 10, 1970
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April 3, 1973
Thalenfeld David R
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