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This disclosure concerns a lightweight armor material which includes a woven fabric of glass and nylon fibers, wherein the individual glass fibers are interlaced with individual nylon fibers so as to provide an interwoven relationship between the glass fibers and the nylon fibers. A woven fabric of this character is especially suitable for use in body armor and may be employed in multiple layers arranged in superposed relation, either with or without a binding resin, to provide a structural material affording protection against a high energy particle, such as a projectile or fragments therefrom. The structural material has a high resistance to the penetration of a high energy particle in relation to its weight which is superior to the penetration resistance of a comparable structure of the same weight but including woven fabric layers of either glass fibers or nylon fibers alone. A hard outer surface plate of a ceramic material may be included as a component of the structural material in one embodiment thereof, enabling the structural material to successfully withstand the direct impact of certain types of projectiles thereagainst by preventing the penetration of these projectiles and thereby protecting personnel from injury and/or equipment from damage.

Lightweight armor material
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August 3, 1965
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March 27, 1973
King Harry A
Aerojet General Corporation
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