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Significant improvement in the recovery of hydrocarbons from a subterranean hydrocarbon-bearing formation containing acid-soluble components is accomplished by injecting into the formation via an injection well drilled into a formation communicating with an adjacent producing well and containing acid-soluble components which may or may not have water-sensitive clays and shales included therein, an aqueous acidic solution of a phosphate ester of prescribed formula whereupon the acid component reacts with the acid-soluble components of the formation creating passageways or enlarging existing passageways thus facilitating the flow of fluids therein and the phosphate ester prevents post precipitation of dissolved salts and thereby increases the recovery of hydrocarbons from the formation through the adjacent producing well.

Secondary recovery method
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June 21, 1971
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March 6, 1973
Tate Jack F
E21b 43/27
E21b 43/22
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