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A flexible membrane is disclosed which extends over an aperture in a support plate in an electromagnetic sealed contact matrix or ferreed type switch. The ferreed switch includes at least one circuit path element and the flexible membrane joins the circuit path element to the support plate and extends the circuit path element over the aperture to a point of rigid contact with a conductor lead projecting from an associated sealed contact switch.

Sealed contact matrix switch having a flexible membrane at a crosspoint opening
Application Number
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March 15, 1972
Publication Date
February 27, 1973
Fletcher Roger Florin
Bell Telephone Laboratories Incorporated
H01h 67/30
H05K 01/11
H05K 03/36
H05K 03/34
H05K 01/18
H05K 01/02
H05K 01/14
H01H 67/00
H01H 67/24
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