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An ink having a resistivity in the range of 10.sup.6 to 10.sup.11 ohm-centimeters and a viscosity in a range with an upper limit of about 50 centipoises synchronously is formed into a uniform succession of ink drops in response to an alternating current. A stream of the ink drops is electrostatically drawn across and deflected in a span between the ink source and a carrier for printing thereon by drop impingement. The ink is a composition having about 3 percent by weight of a dye material and the remainder a vehicle comprised of at least one alcohol of the paraffin series which has the general formula CH.sub.3 (CH.sub.2).sub.n CH.sub.2 OH in which n is an integer between 12 and 16.

Electrostatically improvement in electo static printing
Application Number
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September 23, 1969
Publication Date
February 6, 1973
Nash Leonard A
Kurz Philip F
Teletype Corporation
C09d 11/00
C09D 11/00
B41J 02/195
B41J 02/17
B41J 02/25
B41J 02/15
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