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A tricuspid valve and a graft support ring or stent therefor. The frame of the stent comprises three wire arcs, each formed along a circular or elliptical cylindrical surface. Each arc has an upstanding end portion that blends into a line parallel to the axis of the cylinder. Preferably, each arc is a separate wire, and, an elastomeric coating or a cloth pledget may lie over the meeting ends, which may be welded together. A fabric covering completely surrounds and encloses the frame, the coating or pledget preventing later strike-through of the fabric by the metal during use. The fabric covering preferably provides a pair of radial wings at each post, one extending inwardly and the other one outwardly, and it also provides a continuous projection along the length of the wires for stitching. To this graft support ring is sutured living tissue, preferably autologous or homologous, by stitches to the wings and the continuous projection. A plurality of such tissue members, e.g., fascia lata, is used, one for each wire arc, shaped to provide a cusp-type valve. The tissue covers essentially all the surfaces of the fabric on both the inner and outer. faces, so that essentially nothing but tissue is in contact with the blood and body tissues after the valve is installed.

Tissue-type heart valve with a graft support ring or stent
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November 30, 1970
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February 6, 1973
Goodenough Samuel H
Kahn Paul
Edwards William Sterling
A61f 01/22
A61F 02/24
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