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The method consists of deriving a coherence measure from selected related traces of a seismic cross-section, and thereafter weighting individual or selected ones of the seismic traces in accordance with such time-analogue coherence quotient. Apparatus for carrying out the method may consist of structure for imposing predetermined delay between each pair of a group of selected seismic traces with subsequent summation, multiplication and integration over a time period to provide a first integrated output; and each trace pair is then subjected to one or more other predetermined, different delays with respective outputs applied to the multiplier and integrator circuitry thereby to generate additional integrated outputs. All integrated outputs for each trace pair are then applied through sample and hold circuitry to select a time-varying maximum voltage signal for output as a coherence quotient signal. Thereafter, the coherence quotient signals for each trace pair are combined to form a signal of time-varying character which is employed to control signal gain through duration of selected seismic trace signals thereby to selectively allow passage or to suppress in varying degrees the final output signal indications.

Method and apparatus for seismic gain control through seismic signal coherence
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December 30, 1970
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January 30, 1973
Waters Kenneth H
Continental Oil Company
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