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A clutch-brake unit comprising a relatively fixedly mounted support structure, a drive shaft rotatable relative to the support structure, a housing rotatable relative to the support structure and at least partially surrounding the shaft, a brake within the housing and adapted for non-rotatably connecting the shaft to the support structure, a clutch within the housing for drivingly connecting the housing with the shaft, and actuating means for selectively energizing the clutch while simultaneously releasing the brake and vice versa. The housing is at least partially filled with lubricating fluid wherefrom heat is adapted to be transferred by contact with the housing and a driving member connected therewith.

Clutch-brake with liquid and air cooling
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August 2, 1971
Publication Date
January 30, 1973
Sommer Gordon M
G M Sommer Co
F16d 67/04
F16D 67/00
F16D 67/04
B30B 15/00
B30B 15/10
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